How to Start Make Money with an Online Business

Online Business Space is a modern tech-based trendy tool now. And which is having a plenty of business opportunities for all major players like eBay, Flipkart, Amazon, and all solo entrepreneurs.

Everyone can do their work from almost anywhere by using online. Why can’t you start a business around this space? There is a marketplace for your thoughts irrespective of niche, product, and industry.

If you have a profit-making idea, online business space gives an opportunity to increase ways to reach your customers in Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc…

As per recent surveys conducted by a lot of NGO’s almost

#1. 75% of the people used mobile phones 7 hours a day, in which 4 to 5 hours they surfing the internet and searching for new trends

#2. 69% of people do online shopping regularly

#3. Day to day new tools and software’s are introduced in this computer-driven society, so anyone can easily operate any e-commerce sites

#4. Marketing is so cheap and easy – everyone can do their own marketing by using social media tools

#5. Every e-commerce site owners are trying to get in touch with their customers by providing mobile apps, chat-bots, customer reviews, and social media engagement etc…

In any business which is in online or offline the customer experience becomes the priority one. And which comes topmost in online business because even little difference in price customer satisfaction will play an important role.

Everything is ok.

How do you choose it and start it? How do you crack it?

Well. There are some proven sequences of steps that you can follow to get guaranteed success in your online business.  Thousands of successful online business entrepreneurs are following the same techniques

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#1. Find a need by using some research in your chosen field and fill it by your thoughts.

In this matter, you have to keep your ego outside. Because maybe your dream business and your chosen field may vary. Based on trend and boom only chose your niche.

Mostly everyone does follow – “Product first and Market next”. If you think like that your product may don’t have any market. So first see the market, whether your product clears the market need or not.

For finding a potentially profitable market or hot market, you may check newspaper ad banners, Facebook ads column, visit online forums, top sellers and their products in Amazon and Flipkart, do keyword research, check magazine ad column and public talk about those products or market.

#2. Start your online business with an affiliation marketing tools

Once you chose your market – you don’t want to start your online business with all your money- you can start with an affiliation marketing tools.

The best benefit of affiliation market is you don’t want to develop or produce a product. And you won’t have to worry about storage space, delivery of the product, managing the orders, answerable for customer service, refunds, or any of the other aspects of retailing.

The only thing you have to do is build an easy to use website and describe your products with testimonials. And tell about the product and how it benefits the user; Make an offer with a strong guarantee. After that create urgency like limited stocks only, only a few are left etc… and ask for a sale.

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As an affiliate, after every sale, you can get a commission (it varies from 5% to 20%). Commission amount is depending on the products sales through our sites.

#3. Next and the best is Dropshipping

After affiliate marketing, a very profitable way or an earning method is Dropshipping. It is very similar to the affiliate marketing but you have to invest somehow in this case for maintenance of the shipping.

In this model, you can sell other companies’ products also after marketing those products on your website. But the only thing is you have to process the orders based on the customer choice.

#4. Drive more traffic to your online business website

It’s a time to drive traffic on your website. If no traffic or no sale, you don’t get money. How much money you spend on ads or for creating awareness among huge communities that many sales you got.

PPC ads are the best way to get more traffic to your new site. It having two advantages those are it show up on search pages immediately and next it allows you to test different keywords.

In these PPC ads, not only do we get immediate traffic, but we can also discover our best, highest-converting keywords which help us to get strengthen our site ranking high in the organic search results. This helps to boost traffic more.

#5. Attract customers via E-mail Marketing, Special Offers Zone (SOZ)

The base bone of the business is a customer. Everyone knows about it. But a few are well known about

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#A. How to find the exact prospects to their business

#B. How the people are looking into your products

#C. How to turn them into well-habituated buyers

For this, they create a list of products and promote those products with Email Marketing and by offering special discounts or coupons. They collect their customer’s emails and contact numbers and on a periodical basis or whenever special offers exist then they send those products list along with discounts details.

If you send sales offers day after day, then they will soon unsubscribe you or even report you as spam. So be careful in this regard.

Email marketing is an important element to pass on valuable information to your prospects as well.

If you want to make a trust on your online business, follow these steps

#1. Give them a plenty of freebies

#2. Tips in opting new trends by providing a proof that it works

#3. Tricks in your niche you have opted means show them the benefits of the products

#4. Warm them Up with a valuable info through a blog, website, Facebook posts, and newsletter if any etc…

Most probably people are resisting buying something new or trendy. So you have to create excitement and desire for your product by using the above tricks.

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