Make Money from Reseller Business

Reseller business is one of the cheapest businesses to start out of your own. Work at home is trendy business now everywhere. Because it is flexible in timings and it gives extra money if you use it successfully.

Most of the people begin reseller business by selling their items that they no longer want. They collect like material nearby their household and restock to keep reselling. Like-minded items, you have a possibility to find it in online and to resell those in online again. It sounds crazy but true.

Fortunately, there are several places to find items to resell at the least cost like auctions, yard sales, tag sales and thrift stores.

Doubts regarding reseller business work

Most of the people are having a doubt regarding work at home isHow many hours have to work in a week” or “how much of the time it required to get good income position?” Or “is it consistent and flexible?”

For those, answers are about 3-10 hours a week. It is flexible but not consistent. Why because If I have a good supply of items to sell don’t want to crack classifieds or garage selling’s. It is not a big deal to sell good pretty items. Some weeks I will sell a lot of items, sometimes not.  So it is not flexible but overall one can usually make a few hundred dollars in a month in this way.

The biggest question came into the picture is “Where I found the best deals for buying all the items?”

In each week, for best great deals, you may search for in online, classifieds, at thrift stores, estate & garage sales and social media sale pages (Facebook, Amazon & Flipkart).

I would like to buy the maximum items that people were selling least price and list them again for more (elsewhere, either in online or offline). Here you have an opportunity to sell some items locally and others you can ship out nationally also.

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Some beneficial traits for better success in reseller business

If you want reselling business opportunity, then there are some key qualities that will profit you over the long-run.

Be Honest

Everyone knows “the Honesty is always the best policy” when you are trying to run any business. This is true for who takes reseller business seriously and make it as a full-time job.

It is easy to buy a piece of product that appeared to be flawless. You may earn a fast reputation for being a liar or crook. But as a seller, one negative feedback can ruin your entire reputation quickly. You have a chance to lose future buyers from making any purchases from you.

However, in some cases, you have to deal with the people who may not be so honest. So be prepared to deal with dishonesty people also.

Be Professional

As long as you are honest, either online or offline you shouldn’t have any problems with buyers. As a Reseller business personality, Professionalism is the main factor that improves your real customer list.

Sometimes you may find yourself in conflicts in purely online based reseller businesses.  These conflicts may arise between the un-likeminded people (business devils) and the naive angels.

Always be cool and take advantage of your internet reseller business and step outside for some fresh air to clear your mind in these conflict stages.

If you want to be a professional reseller business peer you must follow these

#1. Respond to the buyers in time.

#2. Be polite towards your customer by using proper language and punctuation

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#3. Be loyal & tell the truth about the item for sale (everything you know in regards to).

Don’t do these in your business life

#1. Uses swear words in your language

#2. Some may not understand internet abbreviations so always spell everything out.

Try to buy low

This is the main key to make decent profits from reselling items. The motto of reseller business person is “Buy low and sell high” this you must embed in your brain.

In an auction, there is a process to conducted in-person are some of the worst places to become involved with overpaying for items. On the flip side, you can score some amazing finds for beside nothing at these auctions. You simply need to know how to control your ego and emotions.

Where I have to sell my stuff:

Reseller business opportunities are endless. You can choose to resell any item like from beauty products to Google Apps in online based on your interest and expertness.

A few I am mention here for your reference in Online Selling

#1. Varage Sale

#2. eBay

#3. Craigslist

#4. Facebook groups

#5. Bonanza

#6. Poshmark for fashion

#7. thredUP for fashion

#8. Gazelle for electronics


Most useful Tips I would like to share

If you have a bargain skill, while shopping, you may find great deals. This can be the best way to make some extra money.

You must “be careful” about the items you have to buy. In buying and reselling of electronics items, usually, these items sell very fast. So there is a chance to get stolen or lost items. In these cases, you may lose your investment.

So, by calling and confirming that the products are in sale row were not lost or stolen before buying them from the company in the first place. Your buying items (i.e. electronics, appliances, etc) that need to run or work. You should buy, only, after they have been plugged in and to be in good working condition.

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Be safe when meeting with strangers to buy and sell it locally.

Tips you should follow before meet strangers are

#1. Talk to the person on the phone first, you may feel their personality

#2. Met in public places to make it safe. If you are women, should bring a second person along with for safety as well.


Keep in mind before becoming a reseller business personality

#1. Before you sign in any reseller programme agreement, make sure you are aware of all your rights means the contract terms and conditions. You can also ask the expert or other resellers or reference customers to get the clear idea of the reseller programme.

#2. Don’t forget that becoming a reseller you may also involves in that
business completely. So you must know the basic fundamentals of starting a
business that you need to observe before starting.

#3. Reselling of branded products can carry a lot of advertising weight, but this doesn’t mean you won’t have to pull your advertising weight as well. Affiliate reseller programs often required understanding and announcing into promoting action completed by resellers – so make sure have a promoting plan that you can execute and measure.

#4. Reseller’s business personalities are typically compensated by either a “purchase rate “or a “rate” display on item. The purchase rate includes the reseller obtaining from the merchant at a wholesale price and reselling on at a retail showcase rate. Your net income is the difference between the two.


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