Earn $ 1000 per week by using question answering system

Question answering system (QAS) is the one to generate the answers to questions asked in natural languages, in general. Early QASs were developed for a special type of restricted domains only and they have limited capabilities.

But, now the QASs are focusing on different types of questions. Those are generally asked by users for clear or characterization of data sources consulted in any form.


How can we earn by these types of sources? Is it possible?

Yes. It is possible.

Some of the sites given these types of opportunities and they pay you based on your expertise answers. They give you two types of opportunities, you become either an expert to answer questions or an affiliate for promoting their site. You can earn from both options.


Earn as an expert in a question answering system

#1. You can earn by offering your services online with your expertise to get rid of their customer’s problems.

#2. It is completely flexible. You can set your own hours and work. All you need is high-speed internet connectivity and a computer.

#3. You can make money by doing what you love as an expert earns $1000s each week helping customers to solve their issues.


Categories you can offer your services

They are having 175+ categories in this question answering system. So you can choose any one of them as per your interest and expertness.

Categories are finance, engineering, medical, law, general, veterinary, computers, cars, appraisals, wellness, homework, home improvement etc…

You can choose anyone based on your interest. Some of the questions or format of the customer’s queries

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#1. Answering law questions (for legal section persons)

#2. Informal interview questions and answers (for general categories)

#3. IT job interview questions and answers (for professional tutors)

#4. Answering bible questions (for Religious category people)

#5. Ask and get answers (general discussion)

#6. Reading and answering questions 5th grade (comprehensive reading skilled persons)

#6. Difficult questions to answer (research basis personalities)

#7. Mock interview questions and answers (for professional life guidance)

#8. Software question and answer

#9. Computer-related question and answer (for quick access and new innovated techniques)

#10. Answer history based questions (Ancient and Modern)

#11. Question and answers regarding website (SEO, Increase Traffic, Increase Income etc…)

#12. AI questions for future generation lifestyle and work culture improvements

For your reference, I am mention here those above 12 samples questions.

All details above is regarding the JustAnswer website. It is the largest paid question-and-answer platform. Here people are getting the answers from real doctors, lawyers, educationalists, veterinarians and thousands of other verified Experts only.


How can we earn money as an affiliate of this site?

If you refer a new customer through your blog or any form in this question answering system, you can earn equal to 20% of the fees paid by that customer for the service.

Through a “Refer-A-Friend” you can earn referral Fee of US$10, which can be added to your account within 30 days of the new client join the site.

You can transfer your earned amount after reaching the threshold limit of $25 via PayPal on the first business day of the following month.

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You can earn $50 Amazon gift card for each referral after the referred candidate passes the process and complete their first 5 questions with a 5star rating.

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