Make Money as a Tester: How I am earning $ 2000 in 30 Days

A tester is a person who checks your website or an app and reports the bugs if any. If you want to become a tester you must have some testing skills regarding your chosen fields.

If you are looking for a chance to earn extra cash, working from home opportunities, tester became the best one to get fast cash.

What you have to do is just “sign up” as a Tester and pass the evaluation exam on particular sites and working on paid projects available on respective sites.

Why the tester needs to test the site or an app:

As a newbie blogger or expert too, it’s important to know that is their site or an app is user-friendly or not? Why because he or she may be losing of visitors due to poor design or a content, or lack of clarity on site, or a lousy navigation this may lead to losing money.

This is why companies and marketers will pay huge money on objective type third-party reviews of their own websites.

To test out websites and applications (apps) from home, you will need a high-speed internet connection and speak fluent English (you must become an internet savvy too).

You need some basic equipment in this process like a computer with a microphone, and an updated web browser. Almost all tests may take 5 to 25 minutes to complete. The average pay of $10 per test, you may get.

Before becoming a tester you must know and follow some dos and don’ts in your job duration.

As a tester you don’t do this:

#1. Performing the test like an expert and don’t just reading what the site says (because they already know what’s on the site).

#2. Going out of the scenario, or not performing the required tasks and telling everything is OK.

#3. You are really impressed by something, you can say something but don’t flatter the site. Like showing off how good they are and how easily and fast they can do it.


They need the tester to:

#1. Speak your own thoughts regarding that task and tell what confuses you have faced, what attractions that grab your attention on that site or app.

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#2. Propose something and explain what and why they do in this competition scenario with useful comments.

#3. Perform the required tasks according to the test scenario in a quiet manner.

#4. Thoroughly answer the questions in writing or through microphone if it is needed, at the end of the test.


You would like to test websites and applications these are the platforms helps to find better pay



Respondent is a research-based study platform that conducts surveys, website testing and focuses group studies. To get started with this platform, create an account by using your Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

After that, fill in your contact details, demographics, and employment status. Once you complete everything, you can start browsing projects (that pay you money) in the pending projects list.

There was one website testing gig came to my notice, that paid $40 for 20-minutes, and another is paid $100 for 60-minutes. So there is a chance to get huge money with this Respondent site in short duration if you have perfect skills.


It is a company that conducts website usability tests in desktop, mobile or both platforms. As soon as tests approved, depending on the complexity of the study, they pay you an average amount of $5 to $10 per test. For each standard survey, they pay on average $5.

Each test may take 10 to 20 minutes to complete it. After the completion of the study, payments are done via PayPal account, within 10 to 14 business days.

Depending on your demographics and your quality rating, you can receive your tasks. Mostly results are approved within 3 to 5 days and they intimate you through the email listed in your profile.



This site gives money by answering some questions about startup websites. In this, each company provides their website details and assign some tasks. Those tasks they would propose you to complete and provide answers for those in a quiet manner.

After completion of those assignments, you’ll share your thoughts in a written format (your response or feedback). StartUpLift pays you $5.00 per each test after accepting that feedback. This payment sent via PayPal account.

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Note: If you don’t have PayPal account please make it ready while converting your money in your accounts.



This website gives an option to test both apps as well as websites. Its pay-out range per bug is from $2 to $12.

Projects and Pay-out ranges vary from location to location. Based on your locality you may get some special projects too. Those projects are having a range from $15 to $40 per hour.



It is a product study based platform. They conduct each study via Skype or on-site with the customer. It takes 30 to 90 minutes. You have a chance to earn up to € 50 per an hour or a study.

Once the study is completed, within 5 – 10 days, you’ll get paid through the PayPal account. You can test future products at any time means testing time is open at any time.



It’s given two options to test i.e., either Functional or security. Based on your interest and expertness you may choose anyone. This will provide testing’s belonging to many different sectors like healthcare, transport, insurance, real-estate etc.

If you ok with this, create an account and complete your profile. They will send an alert you whenever a new project launches.

Get paid weekly through PayPal or Payoneer accounts.



If you have web testing skills, you get paid $10 for providing your genuine thoughts on various websites and apps. Each test in that site takes 10-20 minutes.

You want to a part of this website, register for an account, and write or take a sample test and complete those. Once your sample test is approved, you’ll start getting assignments by email (make sure your login email is working). At the end each week you get paid via PayPal account.

In order to test websites, you need to have a Windows or Mac computer with Windows 7 or newer software version.



After signup in TryMyUI website, you need to pass the qualification test to become a part of that team. You earn minimum $10 for 15 – 20 minutes of your valuable time during your free time.

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The qualification test is a sample test which involves an understanding of the total website (technical) process and what your requirements to earning. If you get success in that qualification round, they will sent test opportunities through your given email id. Payments are made through PayPal account bi-weekly.



It gets paid you to give a feedback on clients’ websites directly. If you want to get started this, fill out the application form and take a sample test to prove your suitability.

Once your application and sample test is approved by the admin, you’ll receive an invitation whenever a test is available via your email listed in your profile.

Each test may take 15 to 20 minutes to complete and pays minimum £/$ 5 per each test. Payments are issued via PayPal account on the 25th day of each month.



This website is completely run based on genuine feedbacks of provided applications, concepts, prototypes, and websites. You make money by giving the feedbacks.

After getting registration in the site, wait for an invitation to complete the tasks or assignments. Once you have been completed your assignments, you will be paid $5, $10, $15, $20 per task or other amounts also. Some of their projects pay you as much as $90. These payments are directly made via PayPal account in your bank account.

Not only, rather than which I have been mention in above, the sites like uTest, Loop11, Enroll, test IO are also paid you some bucks based on the content test and duration and your locality.

If you want a constant pipeline of work and income coming in

#1. Signing up with as many website testing companies as possible, to work within your free time.

#2. Be sure that you’re taking the advantage of training and do some sample testing opportunities, as many companies will just permit you a couple of times to pass their test.

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