Leading East Asian Cities in Entrepreneur World

Want to know about Leading East Asian Cities in Entrepreneur World? then read this article thoroughly.

Silicon Valley (SV) is up to now supreme in the start-up world.

Most successful companies are born from here only like Facebook, Apple, and Google. Two to 5 Americans are in the top 10 companies in worldwide rankings.

Yet, the strategies are changed. Out of 100 companies born in Silicon Valley, 10 to 20% only run long run.

Now new companies are popping up across the globe. All countries try to take a piece of the pie in entrepreneur’s index by countries and put up their efforts to do business all over the world.

One of the region’s driving this way is East Asian cities.

East Asian Cities, best countries for entrepreneurs and provide lower living expenses than Silicon Valley and other counterparts for best accessing of growing markets.

Cities like

  • Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen in China
  • Fukuoka and Tokyo in Japan
  • Hong Kong city in Hong Kong
  • Seoul in South Korea

When launching a start-up you need to consider some factors like cost, investment, and local accessibility. Aside from these, keep in mind some more factors like expertise community and resources.

Let’s check how they rank high in Entrepreneur World Ranking and what they offer to attract aspiring entrepreneurs.

Chinese cities are in 1st place in East Asian Cities:

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Beijing Overview | Shanghai Business Streets









China is the country having with most entrepreneurs per capita and leads in top 10 entrepreneurs in world-wide counties.

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In mainland of China- Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen are the backbone of entrepreneur opportunities.  which drives 5 to 7% overall GDP in every year to China.

Products manufacturing by Chinese companies are

  • Mobile companies – Coolpad, Gionee, Honor, Lenovo, One Plus, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi
  • Laptop Company- Lenovo.

But these products now they are manufactured worldwide by their Tech hubs in individual countries.

  • In a start-up scene, in terms of scale and valuation, the capital city of China – Beijing emerges in front of its Asian associates.

Success stories like Baidu are born in Chinese technology hubs.

  • One of the world’s most populous cities, Shanghai, enjoys an affordable cost of living.

In some districts of Shanghai, provides housing allowances or free of cost if the start-up chooses to register there.

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This city has a tendency to appreciate a higher achievement rate as far as organizations’ capacities to grow universally.

  • Shenzhen, which is a heaven for hardware developers and the birthplace of the founder fathers of One Plus and Tencent.

It shows his unique identity from a fast few decades. There start-up communities boosting up year-by-year. It attracts the large volume of investors and researchers from anywhere country.

Japan occupies No.2 space in growing up of start-up hubs:

east Asian cities, entrepreneur, startup
Fukuoka City Overview | Tokyo City Business Streets










Japan is one of the friendly most entrepreneurial countries and top in the list of best countries for entrepreneurs in East Asian cities list.

  • The capital city of Japan, Tokyo, having one of the most populous and world-wide investor banks i.e., Softbank.
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Tokyo named as Bit Valley in the time of flourishing web start-ups. But before start Softbank, Tokyo struggles a lot to get capital for their new start-ups.

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However, now, it remains the capital of the world’s third-biggest economy and openings flourish for new businesses that can give answers for the nation’s greatest issues.

  • The port city of Japanese is Fukuoka, which is Japan’s quickest-growing city outside of Tokyo. It has been developing its reputation as a start-up hub.

Fukuoka is one of the leading cities at entrepreneur’s visa countries list. It offers Japan’s first six-month start-up visa for foreigners. And it can provide local entrepreneurs with loans of up to $232,000.

Hong Kong

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Bussiness Streets of Hong Kong










Hong Kong is one of the topmost countries in countries supporting entrepreneur list.

It has long been one of the world’s driving monetary focuses and placed top 5 countries in the world in entrepreneurship. This is having a strategic connection with China.

However, up to now, it has struggled a lot to repeat that success in early start-up scene.

South Korea

east Asian cities, entrepreneur, startup
Seoul, South Korea Bussiness Streets













South Korea is one of the best countries to start the business and it is top 5 in entrepreneurs list in East Asia Countries.

Seoul, the Capital city of South Korea, occupies half of the population in his total.  In an effort to build a creative economy the South Korean government has invested heavily in its start-up ecosystem.

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The country additionally boasts the most elevated government backing per capita for new businesses. However, that has a tendency to be skewed for Korean nationals.

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