Invest small and returns high is startup

Investing small and return high profits, every entrepreneur thinks about it highly. Due to lack of knowledge and investment planning very few only reached their targets.

Professionals do it in a perfect manner and extra money from that.   Great idea and way of doing it in earning money reflect your returns.

Start small Business with lower investments

  • Street-side Book Stall

If you have ever crossed the KOTI area of Hyderabad, a lot of book stalls you are observed. They deal second-hand books which are collected from avid readers and students.

For this first you want a permit to set up your business stall. Your only investment in this business is to purchase all old or second handed books from other sellers.

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  • Food Trucks

Food trucks are now trendy business for foodies. These trucks are best for who are looking to get into low-cost-high-returns business in this modern industry.

Returns depend based on your driving capability in highly hot-spot areas in your cities. The only thing in this is to rent a sturdy food-truck for a nominal fee and to pay the salary of your driver.

  • Garment Tailor

Garments are an essential for every human being in this present world.  In this Tailoring, part is most important. Tailoring is an art to designing a cloth regarding customer requirements. For this, they do research on present trends.

The Only thing in this is to rent a small area which is suitable for your business market area. And well-experienced tailors to stitch your customer garments.

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  • Dabba Wala / Tiffin Service or Meals services

 In Mumbai, Dabba wala business is most reputed from past decade. A lot of working professionals haven’t time to cook and carry it to working place. They prefer to Food services at the workplace. This is where you could come in.

Probably we cooked in our own kitchen, so no need to pay for extra space. Only thing is we want one delivery man to deliver these services to customers.

  • Mobile Recharge & Service centre

 Mobile- this device around 90% of people used right now. With the help of Mobile, you earn money. Even with online recharge, most of Indians prefer to visit recharge shop to fulfil their mobile needs.

So you can start a business in your local area. For this sometimes you need some rent space to open a shop. In this you need to tie up with network providers of your areas like Idea, Airtel, and BSNL etc… they provide some commission rates.

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