How to start Rabbit Farming

Commercial rabbit farming is the best business in food production system. To fulfill the food demand in this fast growing world, to meet short duration income targets rabbit farming is the best way.

Rabbit farming need small space for living. Environmental impact is very low on rabbits in india. The amount of food they eat is minimal as compare to other animals.

The rabbit meat is very tasty and easily digested for all aged people. it contains high protein levels, calcium and vitamins in their meat. And also having very less cholesterol and fat content compare to other meat.

The harvesting period and maturity period is very less. The female rabbits may give birth to 2 to 7 kids at a time. Three months older young rabbits having meat content or weight is 1.5 to 3.5 lbs. They grow up quickly.

Rabbit farming Pros or advantages:

There are many advantages are there in this rabbit farming

  • Less capital and space (grow up in small size cages) required to start
  • They eat less, raise fast (within 3 months) and produce 2 to 7 kids at a time
  • fast food conversion compare to other animals and it is placed after poultry in production
  • We meet our nutrition levels by eating rabbit meat
  • It requires less labour compare to other production and investment get back in short duration
Requirements to start business:

Rabbits are small sized animals so people usually used rabbits as pets. Because of its small size, less space is enough to farming. Requirements are

1)Type of Breed: before starting Rabbit farming you want to know the breeding types like Dark Grey, New Zealand white/ black/red, Belgium white etc. You can choose your breed, based on breeds available in your local area.

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2)Method of Farming: based on your area method of farming changed.

Types are

a) Cage method – This method of system is best for commercial business. In this method rabbits are kept in a wire or iron based cage. Based on farming the size of cage varies because we arrange all facilities regarding rabbits in a single cage. Here male and female segregation is important. In breeding time only male and female keep together.

b) Deep Litter (house) method – If you want to develop less number of rabbits it is suitable. One disadvantage is risk of diseases is high. In this 5 inches depth husk, wood strays, hay and straw is used. In one house around 25 to 30 rabbits may develop but in this male and female segregation is important.

3) Feeding of Rabbits:

It is the most important in rabbit farming. Rabbits take less feed but it is in fresh condition. Based on Breed type and age, intake of rabbits varies. Green vegetables like carrot, Muller, spinach etc and leaf vegetables like green grass, alfalfa and some vegetable waste is a common food for rabbits.  Rabbits also take poultry feed as their food . It takes fresh water only be careful in this matter.

Young rabbits may weigh high between 1.5 to 3.5 lbs or some healthy breed having weighed of 4 lbs too.

4) Breeding of Rabbits:

Knowing about breeding is important in rabbit farming. Usually rabbits became mature and ready for breed at the age of 5 or 6 months itself. If you want for better result in commercial rabbit farming never breed up to 1 year. Healthy rabbits only use for breed never use ill one. In breed time special care required for male and female rabbits, provide nutritious food for them. Lady Rabbit (doe) can give birth to 2 to 8 kids at a time, after gestation period 28 to 31 days.

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5) Marketing place:

Without demand there is no scope of supply. So we want marketing place for our product before produce it. Awareness also one of the most important factor in rabbit marketing platform.

Proper care and management is required in rabbit marketing so we can choose towns or nearest areas to town. If we want to get maximum profits proper nutrition’s food is needed for them. So before selling create awareness in buyers about it. Trust in product and seller is more precious one in marketing business.

If any doubts regarding farming and feeding of rabbits please contact

Mr.Nadendla Bramaiah , farmer, shadnager, Hyderabad.

Ph.No: +91 9032033850 / 9293269876

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