Is Government Job good or Private Job/Business?

Job – Most of the people run behind companies to get a job. Is it safe or not ?.

Yesterday, when I am in Zonal office training, I met one of the trainers who came to teach us. Personally, I am asking him a question at tea break.

“Sir, is Government Job good or Private Job?”

He replied to me with an answer “Huff!!”

He asked me “In which way you want an answer to this”.

I am replied, “sorry sir I did not get it”.

He read my mindset first:

He smiled and replied to me “Either peace of mind way or Earning of huge money way”. I am replied “Sir, both are interrelated as per my knowledge. If we get Government Job both will come automatically, sir?”

He smiled again and replied to me “Who told you this. Ok. Tell me are you having peace of mind and enough money to survive in this world”

“After deducting all your expenses how much you are able to save monthly?” again he asked me.

I reply “Hardly 5 to 7 thousand per monthly sir”.

He asked me “Is it enough to survive your future with your family?”

I replied “at the retirement time I will get huge money sir”

He asked me” How much you expect from Government at that time?”

I replied “20 to 30 Lakhs”.

Tells About his Job Journey:

He asked me”Oh. Really!  OK. I am joined as Assistant cadre in 1962 retired as a Manager cadre in 2008, as per your expectations how much I took at the time of retirement?”

I am in a dilemma when he asked that question. In my mind I am thinking ‘is anything wrong I told? Is my question is correct? Why did he ask this question? Labala labala….

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I replied to him with a low pitch “40 Lakh Sir”. He laughed loudly and replied, “If I get that much amount why should I come here to teach you”. Silence prevailed for a minute.

After a minute he replied to me “I got only 10 Lakh rupees. I had No vehicle, No additional perks, nothing. At that time my two daughters were about to get married and upon that I have a debt of 8 lakh rupees”.

I am not able to purchase and wear a 400 to 500 rupees shirt also. What could I do with those 10 lakh rupees? I was completely shivering and no words came from my mouth. I was helpless as a father, as a husband and as a human being too.

Questioning myself at that time “What I earned in my total tenure as a government employee? I was punctual and working 10 to 12 hours a day in the office sometimes.

Finally, I got very little money which is not even enough to satisfy my basic needs. I helped a lot of people when I was in that seat but no one has helped me at the time of my difficulties. I am helpless.

New Journey Starts:

During my childhood, I have a hobby of acting in dramas. When I was working as a manager an opportunity to act in a movie knocked at my door but I refused it as I felt proud to be a government servant.

But when I am in difficulties these drama roles help me a lot. One person (my neighbor artist) came with a role which will give 50,000 rupees. After that my life completely turns.

By god grace, now I am working on a lot of serials, some movies too. In my hand, 3 branded cars and well-furnished house are there.

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My two daughters are settled in well-versed families and I am able to wear a branded clothes. These are all earned by the passion in acting in dramas.” He ended it with tears in his eyes.

Time moves fast, the lot of changes will occur at every time. Compare yourself with your friends. They earned whatever you earned in your job tenure, in short duration.

Irrespective of Job, it fulfills your current needs, not in future. You are young blooded, Think about it. Try to choose legal ways to earn extra money when you are in free time. That’s I suggest you right now.

Valuable suggestion regarding job perspective:

He told me one final word”Never stick on in any one thing if you have any passion in your hand go through it. Never spend too much time in office, work with worship same time think about your future too”

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Right now I am taking a pension of 3500 rupees only, is this amount satisfy all my needs? No. The same thing will apply to you too. It might change a little bit. You may get 5000 or 7000 as a pension at that time (it may vary).

So, convert your passion into earnings. Start from now onwards if you know your perfect passion. Otherwise, create one passion which you know well about it and work on it.

One day definitely you can win. You can change your fate by doing yourself no one will help you in the future.

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I am thinking myself” What I have to do now?”

He changed my views a lot. I am thinking about it. Thanking you sir, for giving a valuable suggestion.

Friends what you are thinking… let’s start your own game. Be your own boss.

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