Tools to become an Event Planner with NO Experience

For starting your own home-based event planner business, you don’t need a specialized degree or certificate. The only thing you need is a certain set of skills like creativity, planning (means effective implementation) and some sorts of communication skills.

If you want to start traditionally or want to get an event planner job, obtain a degree from university or college in event planning or hospitality. Or become a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP), or a Certified Meeting Professional (CMP).

” To run a business you don’t need a college degree or certification.”

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t educate yourself and learn as much as you can about the industry.

In fact, some successful event planners are originally having a different set of educational background in their life, and become an event planner. They constantly sought out to learn as much as they could. So they become successful.

Are you ready to start an event planner business?

Like all other businesses, you need to educate yourself regarding business practices and tools, appropriate paperwork, financial planning in a row.

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The First you want to choose your perfect niche to start a business in this event planning. Means you want to decide to whom working with

#1. Social clients like weddings or engagement parties, birthday parties, baby showers, retirement parties, etc.

#2. Corporate clients like company meetings or picnics, trade shows, conventions, holiday parties etc.

#3. Non-profit clients like charity events and fundraisers

You may choose any of the above depending upon your capability.

Second, you need to have a website to showcase your work and looks more professional.

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Having an online presence helps you to attract more clients and a chance to list out your services and testimonials.

The third market your business – there are tons of ways to promote your event planning business. Here the key to success is “consistency”. Choose any two to three methods and spend time each day working on those methods. If it’s not working choose other ways.

Chances to promote your services in

#1. Social Media like Blogging, Facebook groups, Email Marketing, and forum participation etc.

#2. In person network, creating brochures and business cards

#3. Approach print media advertising etc

Now, it’s time to connect with potential clients. Some of the successful event planners or experts say that you should follow up with five to ten new prospects daily until you have a constant flow of clients in your pipeline.

If you want to become a successful event planner you want to get some set of qualification or skills

#1. Verbal and written communications skills

#2. Organization and time management skills

#3. Project management, Marketing, and public relations

#4. Self-starter, Team player Staff management skills

#5. Understand Microsoft Office applications

#6. Negotiation, Detail, and deadline oriented

#7. Calm and personable under pressure

#8. Budget management

#9. Interpersonal skills with all levels of management


Things you need to remember and to do as an event planner

#1. Take complete event details from your client

#2. After getting the functional layout, plan it regarding client requirements

#3. Decorate the event with some eye candy like a plain and simple composition of colors

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#4. Be smart and functional in the event

#5. Finally, take the feedback of the event from the client. Take an advice if any.


What are the things required to make an event planner success?

A Team. Right …! Yes…

As a single, you cannot do all the work right. So you need a team. That team must aware of your business and proper conduct.

The first impression is the best impression means you first event client is like a brand ambassador for future events. If you are able to satisfy him with your work.

Take an example of marriage function. From the starting point (receiving of people) to ending point (dropping them to their native place) each one event manager can manage. Like receiving, providing hospitality for them, sangeet party, bachelor party if any before marriage day etc…

How much can one event planner earn from an event?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planners (an employee) can earn an average of $46,840 per year.

According to industry experts, social planners can earn approximately $12 to $75 per hour, plus vendor commissions.

Corporate planners can earn approximately $16 to $150 per hour, plus vendor commissions.

In general in any event industry, a planner typically charges a fee for his service plus some portion of the percentage of some or all vendor fees.

If you want a become successful event planners, improve some sorts of Knowledge regarding

#1. Venue selection and Catering

#2. Production and Entertainment

#3. Gifts

#4. Transportation and Lodging

#5. Conference Services

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