Brainstorming Techniques for all Entrepreneurs

In general, the Brainstorming technique means to find an exact solution for a particular problem by generating multiple solutions. These techniques come into picture whenever you are trying to get new ideas to boost your income.

Generally, if you performed in groups, Brainstorming is a great technique for generating creative fresh ideas out on the table and get everyone thinking and pulling together those ideas in a different manner.

It not only helps you to get an idea and it can also help you to understand better about your business struggling, and where you need to focus your time to overcome those hurdles.

Entrepreneur Brainstorming Techniques

There are 5 brainstorming techniques for entrepreneurs that can help to expand their business strategies and get new ideas for new home businesses.

Pose a Question

An easy and the best way to generate new ideas are by asking a question in your group (given industry of expertise) or yourself. That question must be like a “challenge” or a “frequent question asked by users/customer”.

For example: If you’re looking for a home business to start in your chosen area then ask a question or you might be to ask “what business will help me to meet my goals? / Which type of business is flexible? /what are the things my clients want most?”…

Use mind maps / Note-down in graphical or wording way

The most useful brainstorming technique for all entrepreneurs is everyone needs to write down all ideas which came into mind despite being crazy, large or unreachable. For this noting down, “Mind maps” are most suitable. The only thing you need to know is how to draw it and where to start it.

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While drawing a Mindmap, you can start with an image, question or a word and by using lines you can link it with the related word, question or concept.

By using those lines you can add words related to the same or a sub-topic of the second one. You can use color pencils to highlight the ideas as long as that comes to you.

Use 5W-H Questioning Analysis

5W-H Questioning Analysis means Who, What, Why, When, Where and How. By using each of these basic questions, you can generate more questions and befitting answers related to your main idea at each stage. So it can help you to generate great ideas to improve your business in a brilliant manner.


Use SWOT Analysis

SWOT means Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. This analysis also is a great brainstorming technique. You can make mind map by using SWOT technique in a square grid manner and put each one in each side and write down corresponding words, ideas, and concepts that come to you in your mind.

By using this you can easily identify your Weaknesses and Threats so you can do something to reduce these effects in your business.

And by increasing the Strengths and Opportunities of your chosen field you can minimize the effect of the remaining two.

Spend Time with your clients  

Most of the surveys reveal that, If you want a successful businessman, it depends upon how many hours did you spend with your customers to get his/him feedback about your services.

As a customer or client, they can help you to generate great ideas to make better marketing, sales, buying, and customer service system.

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The main purpose of brainstorming is to generate a ton of ideas. Those ideas you can later go through it and decide which are best for your long-term goals.

Worldwide using 12 fantastic rapid brainstorming techniques or types of brainstorming techniques are

#1. Stepladder technique

#2. Brainwriting

#3. Six thinking hats (White, Blue, Black, Yellow, Green, Red hats)

#4. Round Rabin brainstorming

#5. SCAMPER (Substitute Combine Adapt Modify Put to another use Eliminate Reverse)

#6. Online brainstorming

#7. Star-bursting

#8. Cubing

#9. Rapid Ideation

#10. Role-storming

#11. Mind Mapping

#12. Altering your Attributes

All above brainstorming techniques are used based on their ideology and evaluation capabilities. For this evaluation, they are using some tools either in online or offline.

Tools used for brainstorming techniques

In all brainstorming techniques most probably you need a piece of paper, pen or pencil.

Why because mainly it is a creative endeavor and you need the tools to generate the best ideas in a way that you can access it in an exact meaner and use them in a later or in a near future.

Tolls you can use are

#1. Notebook / sticky notes/ recorders– for noting all ideas in one place

#2. A large piece of a paper/ whiteboard – for getting a clear picture of the idea in a large space

#3. Using Color pencils or pens– for sort out or organize the ideas

#4. Using mind map apps– handheld reference of complete ideas


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