Entrance Exams for 12th standard students

Most of the students face trouble to find correct entrance exams after successful completion of 12th standard to reach their future goals. Here I am discussing most of useful entrance exams for the 12th completion students.

Entrance Exams for Engineering Streams:
National Level Entrance Exams:

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) will conducted by different IITs in every year. Admissions to be categorized or segregated based on the performance of a candidate in this entrance exams.  Allotment of courses were done based on the rank got in entrance exam. Courses afforded in IITs are the Bachelor’s, Integrated Master’s and Dual Degree programs (entry at the 10+2 level) in all the IITs.

Not only in JEE entrance exam, remain all entrance exams done based on ranks got at their entrance test conducted by their individual Universities or colleges. I am adding all entrance exams in below this may help you to get the quick idea about all entrance exams.

Above mention entrance exams right now they are conducted in every year either in online or offline for filling up their admissions. Check thoroughly once or twice before applies and they are providing some mock tests on their site for your reference please check that for your quick idea or clear picture about the test.

State level Entrance Exams:

Right now maximum states are having capabilities to conduct their own entrance tests for their states students and offer a lot of courses in their states itself on besides of national tests. I will mention some states and their entrance test here.

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Medicine Entrance Exams:

Getting a medical seat in a well-known university or college is day dream for below poverty people. One who is having a sound knowledge in all sections and who follows correct planning from 10th standards on words can clear entrance exam and get a seat in top 10 well know colleges.  Here I am mention national and state level entrance test details and direct links for those people who have passion on doctorate

All the above mention entrance exams they conducted either in online or offline. If you have any doubts regarding this entrance exams and subjects asked in this exams you may please check demo or free mock test for getting brief idea about exam in their sites itself.

Entrance Exams in Indian Armed Forces:

The Indian armed forces are the military forces of republic India. In this Indian army, Navy and Air forces are main three wings. Other forces also there, they are Paramilitary, coast guard and inter service commands etc.. Armed forces having universities for their comrades (soldiers) and they conducted some entrance exams for new comers enter into the forces. They offer courses what they want from their soldiers and trained them for national and international levels. Here I am adding some entrance exams Armed forces conducted

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In this armed forces may conduct exams either in online or offline. Please check thoroughly before applies. Ok.

Fashion Design entrance tests:

Fashion design is the art of applying design or nature of beauty on clothing and on its accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, bangles etc… It is varies over time to time or place of living and it is mainly influenced by culture and social activities / attitudes means based on customer requirement the design may vary, for this designers may conduct research on fashion trends and interpret them on their customer/ audience for getting impression. This is not at all an easy work. Based on trends requirement some universities or colleges are introduce fashion design is one of their subject in their curriculum. Who are interested to apt fashion design as their career these entrance exams may help you somehow here I am adding some institutes or universities providing fashion design course

These three are all India level test. Here I am mention some more institutes or schools provide fashion design courses

Agriculture and Hotel Management:

Agriculture is backbone of India and present era very huge demand is there for agriculture research because every commodity came into the market is not a pest free if we eat this long life diseases are enter into our body. Who wants to see a great hotel businessman in their life they must be aware of their duties and responsibilities in hotels they choose hotel management courses. Here I am adding both Agri and Hotel management courses entrance exams.

  1. Indian council of Agricultural research (ICAR) (http://www.icar.org.in/ )
  2. All India Hotel management Entrance Exam (http://www.nchmct.org/ )
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Foreign Language :

Choose second language as foreign language if you want to become a successful Businessman in your life. A Business man wants business skills plus foreign language skills make him/her more valuable in the marketplace to attract world class business. Here I am adding foreign language courses proving universities and their entrance exams with links

  1. The English and Foreign Languages University Hyderabad Entrance Test (http://www.efluniversity.ac.in/ )
  2. JNU Admission Entrance Exam (https://www.jnu.ac.in/ )


Humanities and Social Sciences:

Meaning of Humanities and social sciences is to keep our society is stable / sane. The sciences can tell us how to cure illness and heal particular sorts of diseases. Adding of humanities to social sciences it talks about the disease / malaise in the society and it explain the ways in which human beings behave to each other. Here I am adding some universities is handling above courses and their entrance exam details

  1. IIT Madras Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Examination (HSEE) ( http://hsee.iitm.ac.in/)
  2. Banaras Hindu University (http://www.bhu.ac.in/ )
  3. TISS Bachelors Admission Test (http://campus.tiss.edu/ )


Law Entrance Tests:

Law is a system of rules that can regulate and to correct the malaise in the society. We can check and correct the society affected issues and non-society affected issues by using Law. The entrance exams related to the law can discuss below

  1. Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) (http://clat.ac.in/ )
  2. Law School Admission Test LSAT India (http://www.pearsonvueindia.com/lsatindia/ )
  3. All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) (http://nludelhi.ac.in/ )
  4. Lloyd Entrance Test (LET) ( http://www.lloydlawcollege.edu.in/ )
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