Convert Passion into earning Money

Earning money by doing white color jobs is a common thing right now. Adding that to get extra income by converting their passion into earning money in their free time.

Everyone having their own passion on some sort of things like music, dancing, writing, reading and analyzing something etc… Why such type of people stick on their daily job, why can’t they showcase their power to the world.

For that type of people, here I am showing some sort of tips. How to show themselves to world by doing this how to earn extra money along with their regular income.


Earning Money as a Creative or Content writer :

If you have a profound knowledge in writing lets start to write innovative writings or some moral writings. which came from your innovative ideology. He / she want to start writer life, lot of platforms are available for them in social media or in paper media.

As a freelancer you may have Resume writing, Legal writing, Web content writing and some sort of Translation works are available in online or offline. First to publish your creative writings in your chosen field through social media. And register some freelancer websites like, etc…


Useful links: easy steps to create accounts in freelancer websites


Earning Money through Digital Marketing:

More than 70 percentage of people in this fast growing world used mobile phones . And having accounts in social media sites like facebook, watsapp, twitter etc.. We take this an advantage and earn money from this social media.

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If you want to choose social media as your earning platform, create an account in every social media platform. And maintain more friends on that social media platform. Some e-commerce marketing or affiliate marketing programs are available in social media like Amazon, Flipkart etc.

Useful links: easy steps to create accounts in affiliate marketing platforms

After creating accounts in this site they provide us some sort of brand advertisement promotions like mobiles, laptops, ladies garments etc. Through our referral link we promote that to our friends. If anyone bought those products they will give you commissions on that.

Not only E-commerce marketing some more like video , content, email, influence marketing platforms providing this type of earnings.


Earning Money as Graphic or Designing:

If one having good knowledge in art of design in any way, there are lot of opportunities are available for them. First they want passion on that and they want to know how to convert their passion into professional earning money ways.

Everyone promote their products in different or creative ways, in this process they want creative ideas, banners regarding that and Photoshop editing for their adds. And for promoting their products they want flyers, brochures  and business card makers for their adds.

In some people want creative album designers for their books or invitation cards, audio or video promotion covering pages.

As a freelancer creative graphic designer we create as per their requirements and we charge for that. This is the best way to earn money as creative designer.

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Earning Money as Business or Financial Adviser:

Every entrepreneur has some doubts regarding their start up business. like how to start or gather funds regarding that business.

As a business adviser we guide them in perfect manner in perfect time. And we give some business tips or plans to improve their business.

As a Financial adviser we advice them how to get funds from various firms or some financial support institutions.

All the above jobs are flexible for job holders who want to convert their free time to earning money through online as their chosen fields.

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