Barber on a bike- A Successful Entrepreneur Story

Barber on a Bike – Are you thinking this is a new concept?  “No” it’s an old idea.

Barber on a bike is like old wine in a new bottle.

Ancient days, Mobile Barbers come to our home and do trim, shaving and cutting. For this they agree with yearly basis agreement i.e., Instead of money, they took food grains and some perks too.

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But now a day, this strategy is completely changed. We are waiting in a line for our count.

Some people are too irritated with the type of queues in front of barber shops. We see a lot of persons like this.

Picking out a Good Idea:

Abo Tawila, Bierut
Abo Tawila with a customer

18 years old young Teenager, dressed in a navy suspenders and old cowboy hat, brush up on this issue and carry out one solution.

That is “Barber on a bike”.

For this, he turned up like dapper and convert his pushbike like a well-equipped barber shop.

The young barber-on-a-bike, roam the streets to finds out his next customer.

His name is Mohammad Khaled Jahjah. He is from Beirut. Most people in Beirut called him as “Abo Tawila” mean “the Tall One” in Arabic. He loved it rather than his original name.

Celebrity Status as a Barber on a Bike:

He is sharp-minded, slim and nicely dressed. Abo Tawila looks like olden days barbers. So everyone gets on very well with him.

And that too he is always available for his customers.

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So, within a short span of time, he turned up famous for his idea in southern Beirut.

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Abo Saeed, One of his favorite curbside customers, says “I’m so happy he’s here, he reminds my golden days”.

M.K. Jahjah alias Abo Tawila inner feeling on his status:

Barber on a Bike, Abo Tawila, Bierut
Abo Tawila with his bike

“I love everything old and people like this very much. They received me with smiley faces every time.

If I had a chance to open a barbershop, that must be a vintage one only” he said.

“Even after opening a shop I never get off my bike, because that got me here” he added.

If anyone asks a question like “how can you get this idea? This is not your forefather’s job?”

That dapper gives a simple reply to this question,

“After completion of my school every day I used to go for watching barber near to my parent’s home.

” if you are interested in this, came to the salon after school,” he told me. But I get out of the school and sit always in the shop and work with him.

He taught me all trendy trades and how one can receive customers too.”

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