Innovative Agricultural Startup’s and Platforms in 2018

what are the Startup’s and Platform’s useful in modern agriculture technology? How one can start a startup in the agriculture sector?

Day to Day the health consciousness in every individual is increasing. They realize that health is like a dish that fit for gods.

If one can realize at the eleventh hour, what is the use?

As we know the “The Precaution is better than cure”.

So maximum people, try to find out some alternative methods with nature-friendly.

In this way, Needs and importance of organic farming are increasing widely in the day to day life.

To meet the ongoing demand for organic farming or natural farming, a lot of user-friendly startups come into the picture.

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How can these startups useful?

Despite health issues, India is the second largest manufacturer of pesticides after China in Asian cities and countries.

Now a few agriculture startups in India tried to create awareness in farmers regarding health issues and cultivation methods.

They provide clear-cut information about all aspects regarding farming. Like weather info, land fertility info, crop rotation methods and some more details regarding farming.

New startups are trying to minimize the gap between the farmer and final end customers & technology and farming ways.

Only a few are known about these startups due to lack of awareness and education.

Even after getting information also only a few are tried to get rid of chemicals in farming methods.

Because of the vast usage of chemicals in farming leads to some major health issues like cancer.

Some people ask a question “How to start an organic food business in India or related to their countries?”

First, they want to know about “what is farming” and “what are things involved in farming?”

Maximum cases, the Agri-startups are beaten one’s brain out to clear any one particular issue.

So I am trying to mention different aspects of startups which are helpful to farmers.

Those are

  • Weather forecast information
  • Soil Enrichment and Crop Rotation System information
  • Seed and Fertilizer bank
  • Machinery and equipment rental
  • Marketing information (Mandi services) for sale of Agri produce
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Weather Forecast information startups:

In these startups, they had to try to give accurate information about weather forecast up to 5 days.

As we know how our agriculture depends upon weather information.

In previous, only a few startups are there in this regard.

But now a lot of startups came with well-versed technologies which will give accurate figures about the weather.

They provide info like humidity, temperature, the possibility of rainfall, wind speed and direction for opting locations set through preferences of a person.

So based on these information farmers can plan their farming.


Soil Enrichment and Crop Rotation System Information:

The most and ultimate vital requirement for an organic farm is soil. Soil enrichment is also one of the foremost points in this process.

If one can teem their soil by using some microbial activities and tiny creepy crawlies then only next crop will give sufficient production. And soil will live healthily.

Soil enrichment can do by using vermin-composting and green manuring.

Crop Rotation System(CRS)- means planting different crops in subsequent crop plots. CRS is one of the best soil enrichment techniques.

Example – If the first crop is short-rooted, the next subsequent crop should be medium/ long-rooted. Then the soil nutrients are balanced in different layers of soil.

This gives a chance to regenerate the soil strength.

Seed and Fertilizer bank

The importance of original pest free seed is an increase in this present scenario. Because of the duplicate seeds, a lot of farmers hang themselves.

So the need of storage of these seeds for the long-term requirements is most important.

The same thing is applicable in fertilizers also.

Machinery and Equipment Rental startup:

Every farmer needs to adopt the modern farming techniques for their farming.

But due to lack of the funds, these are not accessible to the common farmers.

A unique business is there if one can come up with and could rent farming equipment and machinery as farmer needed.

Marketing information ( Mandi services) for sale of Agri produce:

Mandi Trades gives the opportunity to farmers to know about prices of their produce in ON/ OFF seasons. It is one type of revolution thorough mobile app.

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Mainly it is designed for rural area farmers in India.


Useful Startups and platforms in agri-businesses are

1) Agrostar

It is a Pune based direct-to-farmer digital platform that directly sells agriculture inputs to farmers.

Because Indian farmers face a lot of challenges in collecting Agri inputs for their farming needs.

Agrostar provides it at fair prices by using a mobile phone.


2) Rainbow Start-UP

This will give information about climate updates, agro news, and contacts for the nearest seed and fertilizer dealers.


3) CropIn services

It is a combo of various products. Those are Smartfarm, SmartSale m-Warehouse, and SmartRisk. Each one having their unique features.


4) Farmart

Farmart is a rental based farming equipment business. In this, every farmer can take required equipment on a pay basis.


5) Pind-Fresh startup

An Indian husband and wife duo started this startup in 2016.

The aim of this startup is bringing farming to urban areas and create awareness of what they eat up to now.

This startup turning free spaces like rooftops, vacant places between buildings and building verandahs into farming parks.

They used to plant leafy vegetables and fresh produce like mushrooms, lettuce, and basil.

Any Agri-startups are trying to clear any one particular issue. After successful completion, they go for next.

6) Kisan-Mart

Kisan Mart is an online based e-commerce store for agriculture products.

This will cater to the end-consumer who is not able to get the best and fresh-farm products at the best prices.


7) Farmily 

Farmily is a platform to help the farmers to resolve the issues in marketing the agriculture produce.

It helps a farmer to display their farm produce to the consumers directly.

So end costumer easily to get in touch with the farmer directly.


8) Vill-farm startup

VillFarm provides organic fertilizers and pesticides, as well as water saving technology methods to village level farmers.

Villfarm creates organic Carbon-which is feeds microbes and process it. It releases macro & micro-nutrients to plant-available in the farms.

This wonderful material comes from different sources. Those are agri-waste, cow dung, biochar and farmyard manure.

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9) IFFCO Kisan APP

IFFICO APP is available in 11 Indian languages with audio recording facilities.

The main aim of this app is empowering of rural India.

Rather than weather forecasts it provides access to Mandi prices, expert’s advice, a library of best practices and more.


10) MyRML

It is an SMS based information provided APP.

This gives weather information, Mandi prices details to farmers and chatting facility with other farmers etc…

11) Mandi Trades

This is a farm to shop platform (APP). It was created to help farmers to market their produce in a timely manner.


12) Sahaja Organics

With a focus on solving issues concerning farmers, this is disseminating farm information through mobile phones.

Sahaja Organics tries to reduce the gap between farmers and retail suppliers.

Farmers in this network can share the cultivated varieties of rice, along with organic and traditional farming methods.


13) FreshWorld startup

It providing information to farmers with a direct market access.

And this access is beside weather, water and soil management services.


14) Awaaz De

It provides mobile voice services to small farmers in India.

And also it sharing sustainable agriculture practices and exchanging knowledge.


15) Aarav Unmanned Systems

It is an unmanned remote aerial vehicle or drone system.

It offers precision agriculture solutions to optimize fertilization, irrigation, pesticide distribution and early failure warnings.


16) Crofarm 

Crofarm is a website and it provides a complete solution for farmers.

It provides on-demand harvesting, desire quality checks, doorstep delivery of vegetables and zero wastage from farm to market/store.


17) Encashea startup

It is an Android app, which collects the scrap waste from selected areas in Bangalore for cash.

If you segregate your waste properly and reduce that impact on the environment, they pay you money.

It is easy for users to request for a pickup because of its mobile-friendly nature.

The prices for trash are listed on this official website. Books can go for up to Rs. 6/kg and e-waste can be sold for up to Rs. 10/kg.

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