Benefits of Agri-Tourism for Farmers

Agri-tourism, are you know about this word or concept? What actually about agri-tourism?

What is the use of agri-tourism? How one can enjoy this like other tourism plans?

Agri-tourism or Agro-tourism is having a lavish definition. To enrich tourism scope in India, Govt adds agriculture in this list.


Agri-Tourism is called as purely “holiday-ism”.

agri-tourism,family oriented recreation

The father of agri-tourism concept in India is Pandurang Taware. He is a founder director of Agri Tourism Development Corporation. He belongs to Maharashtra state.


What is Agro-tourism? How one can convert this concept into earning ways? Let’s check everything in details.



ATDC is like Umbrella platform started at 2005. The motto of ATDC is to encourage more farmers to join in agro-tourism.

ATDC just gives helping hand to farmers.  Means, they provide a booking reservation facility for tourists and sent them to different centers. Marketing cost of the farmers is saved.

Now, in Maharashtra, 328 agri-tourism centers across 30 districts are registered in this ATDC. It may help to showcase and conserve the village traditions and culture too. Some centers expose good quality handicrafts.

The scope of Agro- Tourism

family oriented recreation, agri tourismThe scope of agri-tourism is more in this present scenario.

Because it is an inexpensive gateway and curiosity about farming and their lifestyle is increase day by day.

Nowadays a strong demand for wholesome family-oriented recreation activities and have a strong desire for Peace and Harmony.

And health consciousness is increasing in every individual.

So they try to find out some comports with nature-friendly.

They desire peace and harmony in their life.

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These are the ways tourist can enjoy the benefits of agro-tourism

agri-tourism, village culture, habit, healthy food, research, holiday spots, holidayism, refreshments in villages

  • They understand village culture and relationship between farmer and his lands
  • They have to know the lifestyle of village farmers because they stay like a farmer
  • Having fun with engaging in daily activities of farmers like bullock ride, fly kites
  • Engage with them in healthy accommodation like eating, wearing traditional clothes and folk songs and dances
  • They learn complete details about fresh farm productions and how farmlands hygiene
  • They learn how they sell and buy their farm production with a better price in all year around

From this Agri-tourism, every farmer can earn up to Rs. 60000 to 70000 per annum.

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Every year, from all over countries, tourists visit in this particulate section is increased by 20%.

With the inspiration of Maharashtra, all other states also introduce this Agri-tourism in their policies.  Now a lot of agritourism centers in India.

When I am asking some questions to children, Lot of times I am receiving the same answers for this questions.

Q.1) where we get rice?

“From supermarket” they replied.

Q.2) where we get milk?

“From Milk pockets” replied.

Look, what is the situation of the next generation. These are the basic things we have to teach them.

Our next generation doesn’t know our basic roots. Try to teach them about our existence.

Teach them about regenerative agriculture methods for their good health existence.

Try to bring them out from gadgets and teach them how nature is. Teach them how daily we fulfill our daily needs.

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