Agrihood to Rooftop Agri-Business

Agri-hood means a place which is used especially for the farming purpose which involves neighbors too. Their motto is taking fresh farming vegetables to table.

In the USA most of the places used these methods to produce food and create organic communities in this new way. They called this “Agri-Hood”.

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Instead of being built a pool or tennis court, these housing developments are created a farm around this, often using the sweat-equity of residents to create a sustainable food system for the entire community.

The situation of agriculture in India at present:

Agriculture is the largest provider of livelihood in rural India and it contributes 25 % to India’s GDP.

Previously depending percentage on agriculture is 75%, right now it reduced to 54%. The growth in agricultural production has been stagnant for the past several years.

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The drought in north and western parts in FY09 and some portion of southern parts in FY 12, created shortages in supply of food grains. Why because it is still dependent primarily on the monsoons only.

Due to industrialization, most parts of Indian lands turned into industrial hubs. These Industries take water resources what-ever farming persons up to now used it. So it creates a scarcity of water resources for farming in India.

Rooftop Agriculture in India:

It is the best time to use recycled water and harvested rainwater for forming there itself means certified home-based farming lands called Rooftop Agribusiness. In this method, no need to use extra space, whatever space you have in your building surroundings and rooftop is enough to farm.

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They are self-sustainable in producing their own healthy food instead of buying pesticide food outside. It could also generate carbon credits too. It reduces electricity consumption, by developing a natural green cover on your roof in a summer season.

How one can use this Rooftop Agrihood as a business

Only a quarter of the population know about it and the quarter of that quarter only do it. So, try to create awareness on it and make it them for a nominal cost at first for expansion of your business.

After successful completion of this trial basis, you can do what you want. If one can produce more than what they want, they can buy it outside as organic vegetables.

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