Welcome to AnukarAvans – Which means Racing Horses in Sanskrit language (Anukar means Race and Avans means horses).

whoever think different and choose the different path in their life they become a success in their life in one day and inspiring to all.

This site/blog is my personal site which reflects my business ideas and who wants to choose small-scale industries in their local or required areas to become successful businessman/entrepreneur in their chosen somehow my site helps them to reach their goals and aims.

In this site/blog, I want to share

  • Low investment plans in all fields/sectors
  • Education guide for all newcomers
  • How to invest/save money for their future life of all new employees/business entrepreneur
  • All successful or Inspiring people stories for your guidance

Through my website, I am sharing some ideas which are new or old used to become a successful entrepreneur/business person.

About Me:

I am Subbaiah, working in one of the Government-owned corporations. I am also one of the people to think to work independently but situations are demanding to do. As a job holder, I observed a lot, how the Un-educated persons are earning a lot compare to job holder and even unemployed persons are leading their lives by using their knowledge. First, I want to thanks to those inspiring persons I have seen in my life. Creative ideas and thought of making money to rush them into successful leading life. No one becomes a billionaire in one day they face a lot of hurdles in their lives to become successful entrepreneur/businessman.

They are inspired me a lot. Now I took one decision. I am also want to post some ideas which I have already known or new ones and want to convert my free time to earn some money as like they earn. For that, I start a website and my site helps others to earn or get extra money along with their daily jobs in their free time.

This is my introduction Friends. Thanks to all.