Without investment Earning ways from home

A business without investment? oh, great idea. A passion to earn money without investment it gives ideas and ways.Is any investment need to start a small business? say NO, if you have an idea how to use your surroundings to earn money this is enough investment for your business.

Small business is one of biggest stone to get highest returns. Funding is the biggest task for an entrepreneur in past days. But now a day’s lot of ways are there to collect funds for your business.

Lack of awareness is one of the reasons for collecting funds. The great business idea is not your monetary value if you are not working on it.

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If you plan it well your Ideas bring your company, it will bring you customers and they will bring you the market.  In India, you have a lot of profitable businesses that you can start with a small fund.

Without investment Earning ways from home itself in India:

  • Open Tuition centre

Tuition- this is common word roaming in 70% of mothers who sent their child to school or higher education for their betterment in studies.

If you are well aware of your subject this is the best way to earn money from home. Advertise our self in social media or roaming streets with flyers.  In this word-of-mouth recommendations are most important.

  • Travel Agency or Tour Guide

Are you well aware of your local tourist places? This earning tip is for you only. The travel industry is booming from past decade.

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So try to open a home based agency and tie up with the host agency. They will provide your customers and take some commission on it. Well deliver of you content regarding your tourist place gives you a chance of earning more.

  • Consultancy Services

In India, Consultancy industry grows fast in this present era. Many ways they provide services as per customer requirement.

Their motto is “earn money form customer satisfaction”. For this, they take some consultancy fee. So here also you open home based service centre and tie up with a host or parent agency.

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  • Wedding Consultant

Indians give most priority to their customs and religious followings. In this process Wedding is the most priority on those.

Matching of perfect bride/ groom is not at all easy task in this fast growing world. In past, they are thinking in some particular areas only. Now they think widely.

So here also we planned to open home based service centre and tie up with a host agency to earn money from home. Either you may lead own also.


  • Open Pet-day care centre

In cities having a pet is a common thing right now. Due to lack of time (if both are employees) they think of feeding it on time, playing with it, and making sure that it isn’t lonely.

So for this, they need one pet caretaker. As a result, if you could set up a business around this yourself or with the help of another person. Set some common rates for your pet care from this you earn money from home.

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