Steps to create accounts in freelancer websites

By creating accounts in freelancer websites, one who wants to add part-time jobs with their regular jobs to earn extra or best income to lead their life the best in the society. Getting extra income in their free times, some helpful tips for creating accounts in freelancer sites I am being added here.

Steps to create the Fiverr account:

Fiverr is one of the best ways to earn instant money through internet, who wants to earn in their free time. Steps to create the Fiverr account are

  • Open the browser with the link in Google search engine
  • After opening the front page click Join button on right side top of home page.
  • In Fiverr, you may join through Facebook or Google account or through Gmail. After entering all details you are entering into the front page of Fiverr account
  • In this you are selling your interest and earn money through that instantly, earnings started from $5 to unlimited based on your content or expertness in the chosen field.
  • In this business trust is a most important factor, if you create the best impression on clients they will bring your business.

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Steps to create freelancer account:

Freelancer is the site to work independently like once own boss. Steps to create an account is

  • Open the browser with the link in Google search engine
  • Fill all the fields in signing up form with required and genuine data
  • In this signing form, two options are there, create an account through either Gmail or Facebook accounts
  • In this before click creating account button, hire or work button is there, if you want to choose anyone for your work select hire button and if you want to work as freelancer guide select work option
  • After entering all details click create account button, it redirects to your freelancer site home page it shows on the front page
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Welcome to – the world’s largest online platform for finding jobs!

In this left-hand side of your front page shows select your search skills is there. In that select, your interest and fills appropriate fillings after entering your accounts. That’s it friends.

Freelance is the best way to earn instant money if we get orders from clients. Client satisfaction shows crucial role to earn money. If client satisfied your work he may get some more works to you.

Steps to create Blogger account:

Blogger is one of the best and easy ways to showcase ourselves created by Google. Steps to create an account is

  • Open the browser with the link in Google search engine
  • After opening the front page click create your blog button
  • It will redirect to Gmail login page to open the blogger account. Because blogger is linking account of your Gmail account and it is an additional feature of your Gmail to showcase yourself to the world
  • After entering your Gmail details it redirects to your blogger account page or profile page. In this, you want to choose language on the right side of the page. And left bottom side your name with your profile photo will appear. If you click continue to blogger button on the bottom of that profile photo it redirects to your main page of blogger
  • In this welcome page appears to you. Bottom of that page creates a new blog button appears to you. After clicking on that button blog title, address, themes will appear. Based on your interest you choose one theme and click create a blog button. It’s over your blog is ready.
  • Before write content on your blog be aware of copyright content rules. Never copy and paste any blog or website content on your blog. Write your own language and posts based on your ideas.
  • After completion of few posts, you may request a lot of adds to post in your blog like Google AdWords, sulekha adds networks etc.
  • In this blogger, we cannot earn instant earnings but surely we get money after ads approved by Google or some Adsense websites.
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