Affiliate Marketing to Earn Money in Online

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn extra money on par with regular income. For this, we want best following groups in social media or network in our local area.

Now a day’s lot of companies promotes their products as quickly as possible by using affiliate marketing platforms.

In this Amazon and Flipkart are the biggest platforms to earn extra money. Here I show you how to create accounts and to earn money through those affiliate marketing platforms.

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Steps to create Amazon affiliate marketing platform:

Amazon affiliate marketing platform is the one to promote their products or brands through some local channels, created by Amazon itself.

  • Open the browser with the link
  • Then click join now button it redirects you to the login page of the site, in this chose to create Amazon account if you are new. In case if you have already Amazon account holder you may log in directly
  • After entering required credentials you are redirected to your account page
  • Before open on this account make sure your website is having valid URL or not


Steps to create Flipkart affiliate marketing platform:

As same as Amazon, Flipkart also introduces an affiliate marketing platform to promote their products or brands through some local channels or websites, created by Flipkart itself. Steps to open accounts are

  • Open browser with the link of
  • Then click join now for the free button it redirects to register page of Flipkart site
  • After entering all required details click the register button then your browser automatically redirect to your account page
  • In this, you enter all details correctly and get started your earnings
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Not only these two affiliate marketing programs also some more website gives you a chance of earnings.  But before join or create accounts on those sites think once or twice. Check the site is genuine or not and ranking of that site in google.

In the present scenario lot of fake sites are developed by spammers. And those are forcefully entered into our websites so be aware of that and be cautious about those.

I think this article is helpful to you. Happy earning friends 🙂

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